From the Frontlines

Moral Mondays and the Lifeblood of Organizing

The jail’s detention aide handed me four pieces of plain white bread and a handful of toilet paper and slammed the cell door shut. I took a deep breath to take in my new environment. I was alone in a cold, small, white cinder block cell. A flimsy, worn-down mat lay on the cement bench, which wrapped along two sides of the cell. The florescent light glared above. The stainless steel toilet connected to a water fountain sat in the corner.

Organizing Leads to 100% Renewables for Bloomington, IL

Bloomington City Council votes to Support 100% Renewables

Bloomington, IL

On Monday night July 12, Illinois People’s Action leaders holding “People and Planet First!” signs saw the victory of their organizing when the Bloomington City Council passed a resolution amending the city’s electricity contract to include support for renewable energy at the 100% level. The passage of this resolution makes Bloomington the only city in an aggregate pool of 35 municipalities to support renewable energy at 100%.