From the Frontlines

Moral Mondays and the Lifeblood of Organizing

The jail’s detention aide handed me four pieces of plain white bread and a handful of toilet paper and slammed the cell door shut. I took a deep breath to take in my new environment. I was alone in a cold, small, white cinder block cell. A flimsy, worn-down mat lay on the cement bench, which wrapped along two sides of the cell. The florescent light glared above. The stainless steel toilet connected to a water fountain sat in the corner.

Shark Week 2015 - Stop Payday Loan Sharks!

Online payday loan sharks are a particularly vicious payday loan shark species that dwells in the murky waters of the internet. They prey on hard-working families with triple digit interest rates, high fees and threatening tactics, just like their storefront cousins. Read about these and other dangerous payday loan shark species on our Shark Week 2015 page.