About Us

National People's Action (NPA) is a network of grassroots organizations with a fierce reputation for direct action from across the country that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda. NPA has over 200 organizers working to unite everyday people in cities, towns, and rural communities throughout the United States through direct-action, house meetings and community organizing.

NPA and its affiliates range from farmers in rural Iowa to youth in the South Bronx. We have affiliate organizations in 14 states with remote network offices in Washington D.C., California, New York and a central office in Chicago. Our target population is not limited to a geographical area or regional group but rather works with and on behalf of hard working Americans everywhere to ensure an equitable and just democracy. Our population includes people from all walks of life despite differences in age, race, sexual orientation, income and culture. We aim for an inclusive open population in which people feel welcome and a part of grassroots power organizing.

NPA staffs and supports three local, state and national campaigns in support of economic and racial justice: Bank Accountability, Housing Justice, and Immigrant and Worker’s Rights. These campaigns strive for “wins” meaning tangible concrete changes for our communities through policy and consciousness of social injustices and the empowerment to fight them.

Our History

Neighborhood residents are experts on the needs of their own neighborhoods. Thirty-three years ago that radical idea lead to the founding of the National Training and Information Center (NTIC), which is now National People’s Action (NPA). Everyday people working together to gain power and win change by organizing their community and their country. Since its founding in 1972 by Shel Trapp and Gale Cincotta, NPA has specialized building grassroots leadership and creating powerful community organizations through issue based community organizing. NPA has been a leader in the fight to hold banks and corporations accountable to the communities that they serve and profit.

Founded in 1972, National People’s Action’s (NPA) core purpose is to develop the ideas, talent, and organizations that will help reclaim our democracy and advance racial and economic justice. The grassroots organizations supported by NPA are affiliated into an organizing network, which includes more than 200 organizers and staff representing metropolitan, regional and statewide power structures across 14 states.