Organizing Leads to 100% Renewables for Bloomington, IL

Bloomington City Council votes to Support 100% Renewables

Bloomington, IL

On Monday night July 12, Illinois People’s Action leaders holding “People and Planet First!” signs saw the victory of their organizing when the Bloomington City Council passed a resolution amending the city’s electricity contract to include support for renewable energy at the 100% level. The passage of this resolution makes Bloomington the only city in an aggregate pool of 35 municipalities to support renewable energy at 100%.

This win represents a step in the right direction for people and planet… and it was won through organizing. When community members discovered that city’s municipal aggregation contract had been botched--taking support for renewables from the 100% to the 10% state-mandated minimum level--they quickly reached out to Illinois People’s Action and got down to work.

At Monday’s meeting, council members voted 7-1 to support the passage of the resolution, which contained a directive to amend the current contract immediately. This change means that for every 1 Megawatt of mixed energy used by Bloomington residents, a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) will be purchased from wind farms to create a 100% offset.

Beyond that, the resolution also includes strong language regarding the city’s commitment to renewable energy in the future, “Incentivizing renewable energy through purchase of Renewable Energy Credits is in the interest of public health and society in general...Renewable energy is beneficial to the health of the community and the United States as a whole. The city council expresses its support for achieving the 100% renewable energy designation in all future years and contracts”.

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