Building a New Economy

Put People First!

The old economy, this economy, is fundamentally broken. It does not work for the millions of unemployed, it does not work for the almost fifty million contingent workers who work part-time and without benefits, it does not work for returning citizens who have paid their dues to society, it doesn’t work for our immigrant brothers and sisters who are forced into the shadows, it does not work for workers of color who are locked out of opportunity because of their race, and it does not work for low and moderate income communities. If something doesn’t work for most people, then I call it broken.  There are three paths we can take going forward – fight to keep what we have, try to go back to some golden era (that did not exist for everyone), or build a new economy that works for everyone.  Learn more.

Keep Families Together

House Republicans have failed to take action to protect immigrant families – so we are demanding that President Obama use his full legal authority to provide aggressive relief for our families. 

Together with dozens of groups across the country, National People's Action affiliates are taking action to push the President to “go big” and provide broad relief to all 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country. 

We have marched, we have organized vigils, and NPA leaders engaged in civil disobedience at the White House four months ago today.

Please raise your voice directly to the White House by making a call today, and share this number with friends:


Stop Predatory Lending


From payday storefronts to car title lenders to online & installment lenders, predatory lenders take billions in fees every year by trapping customers in a desperate cycle of debt. Join us in calling for strong, common sense rules that level the playing field for responsible small dollar lenders and that will stop the stripping of wealth from our families and neighbors.