Make Corporate Tax Dodgers Pay Their Fair Share

It's time for corporations to pay their fair share. Every day, corporate CEOs are cooking up schemes to lobby our elected officials for giant tax cuts. At the same time, they're planning to balance the federal budget on our backs, trying to cut food programs for hungry kids, gutting support programs for our seniors, and defunding other services our communities need.

That's not right. At NPA, we're fighting back against tax dodging. In the streets, at corporate headquarters, and on Capitol Hill, we're saying it's time for our elected officials to listen to us and make corporations pay their fair share!

Call the National Hotline 888-531-3993 to tell Congress to shut down corporate tax dodging, not the government.


  • Sen. Carl Levin's Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act is our best shot for closing the worst offshore corporate tax loopholes, which cost the U.S. around $100 billion each year.
  • To pass it, we'll have to stand up to an army of powerful corporate lobbyists. No one can sit this out.
  • Say you'll fight alongside Sen. Levin to pass the bill — and make sure that big corporations pay their fair share of taxes.