The Progressive Honor Roll of 2013

By John Nicols

We celebrate these heroes both for their accomplishments of the past year and their determination to do even more in 2014.

MOST VALUABLE PROGRAM: NPA’s Long-Term Agenda to the New Economy

It’s easy for activists to be so focused on day-to-day struggles against abuses of power that they never get around to saying what they are for. But National People’s Action, the network of grassroots organizations involved in direct-action challenges to economic and racial injustice, took the time in 2013 to consult economic fairness, civil rights and immigrant rights campaigners and develop a plan to “reimagine what’s possible.” With its focus on expanding democracy, the agenda charts a course toward a “just economy” with more public ownership and community control of capital. NPA’s agenda does not just attack “too big to fail” banking; it proposes moving money to infrastructure banks and state banks that invest in communities and people. 

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