As EPA publishes Clean Power Plan, Grassroots Organizations Call for Strong Federal Implementation Plan


National People’s Action
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Climate Justice Alliance
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Grassroots Groups and Everyday Americans Call for 
Strong, Equitable Federal Implementation Plan


As the Environmental Protection Agency prepares to publish the Clean Power Plan in the Federal Register, National People’s Action and the Climate Justice Alliance issued the following statement:

The publication of the Clean Power Plan in the Federal Register is an important step towards implementing the first ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants. As dirty energy lobbyists and their political puppets launch an unfounded legal challenge in the courts, frontline communities and everyday Americans across the country are ready for climate action.

The energy market is already shifting away from dirty energy and towards renewables like solar and wind. But unless the government takes action, the market will simply reproduce the unfair concentration of wealth and power that currently exists in the energy sector. The Clean Power Plan presents us with a historic opportunity to shape the development of a new, more equitable energy economy. At a time of crisis on both climate change and economic inequality, a strong Federal Implementation Plan should prioritize environmental justice with measures that lower emissions and create meaningful economic opportunity for those most impacted by the old dirty energy economy, especially people of color, displaced workers, indigenous communities, and low income communities. The plan should ensure that the new rules lower utility rates, and should encourage reliance on real renewables like wind and solar while not allowing for nuclear, biomass, incineration, and natural gas.

The publication of the Clean Power Plan also opens a period during which the EPA will solicit comments from the general public on the Federal Implementation Plan. National People’s Action and the Climate Justice Alliance call on the EPA to hold multiple public hearings in and actively solicit comments from those communities most impacted by the old dirty energy economy and climate change, including several hearings across the midwest region, and provide translated materials for those communities.

For more information on the work National People’s Action and the Climate Justice Alliance are doing to push for strong, equitable federal and state implementation plans, or to interview everyday Americans impacted by the dirty energy economy and climate change, please contact Jacob Swenson-Lengyel at or 312.316.3973.

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National People's Action is a network of 29 grassroots organizations in 18 states working together to advance a racial and economic justice agenda for a new economy and true democracy.

Climate Justice Alliance is a national alliance of 40 frontline environmental justice and support organizations organizing for a Just Transition from an extractive economy to localized, living economies that sustain life, provide dignified jobs and livelihoods and heal the planet.