In The Wake of Violence, We Stand with the Movement For Black Lives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 25, 2015
CONTACT: Jacob Swenson-Lengyel,, 312.316.3973


CHICAGO, IL -- We are heartbroken and angry as we mourn the loss of Jamar Clark. We mourn for Laquan McDonald, we mourn for Rekia Boyd, and we mourn the tragic loss of Black lives at the hand of state police and organized white supremacists throughout the country. 

As we witness the violent attacks on Black people in both Minneapolis and Chicago this week we recognize that this violence, from the state and from white militia, is the rule and not the exception for Black people in our country. These events are, tragically, only the most recent examples of the violent enforcement of the racism that defines the Black experience in the United States.

The senseless killing of Black people is not unique. What is unique is the courageous Movement for Black Lives that stands against it. National People’s Action stands with the all of the organizations that have built and sustained resistance to the killing of Black people. Black Lives Matter, Ferguson Action, Black Youth Project 100, and the Organization for Black Struggle and so many more have led the way by refusing to be cowed. We stand with the entire movement that will not rest until we see reform that goes to the very core of our law enforcement system, because each of these killings is the result of systemic racism.

We cannot bring back those who we’ve lost, but we stand with all those who continue to risk their lives to deliver justice.

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National People's Action is a network of 29 grassroots organizations in 18 states working together to advance a racial and economic justice agenda for a new economy and true democracy.