Angry Americans Descend On #DebtTrapDebbie Wasserman Schultz’s Office

For Immediate Release: March 9, 2016
Contact: Jacob Swenson-Lengyel, 312-316-3973

Angry Americans Descend On #DebtTrapDebbie Wasserman Schultz’s Office at DNC

Call on Congresswoman and Other Politicians to Stop Protecting Predatory Lenders, Stand with Families

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WASHINGTON – A hundred angry Americans from across the country paid a visit to the Democratic National Committee this morning bearing giant puppets, movie posters for the next installment of the Sharknado series and more. Along with these humorous props, the protestors were carrying the voices of thousands of Americans calling on DNC Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to end her cozy relationship with payday loan sharks and stop protecting the predators who devastate our financial futures. The DNC Chair has been lobbying her fellow Congress members to fight a new, national rule by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that could end the worst abuses of predatory payday lending industry.

“I know first hand just how destructive payday loans can be. Once you’re swept up into the tornado of debt one loan turns into another in a cycle that just doesn’t let up. It has been a nightmare for my family and me. We need our elected officials to stand with us against these predators, not in their pockets,” said Candice Byrd, a member of Illinois People’s Action who spoke at the event.

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other congressional leaders have an obligation to support critical and common sense rules on payday lending,” said Liz Ryan Murray, National People’s Action’s policy director. “Right now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is working to put forward rules that could protect families from an endless cycle of debt. Wasserman Schultz and others must stop accepting money from the industry and start urging the CFPB to write strong rules that will save families billions of dollars each year. Working families need relief and they need it now.”