BREAKING: 12 people arrested in Chicago while calling on President Obama to suspend deportations

Protesters connected by pvc pipe block Michigan Avenue More than 50 people demanding a suspension of deportations blocked traffic on busy Michigan Avenue in front of the hotel where President Obama was planning a fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday morning.

President Obama is on track to tear nearly 2 million families apart by the end of his second term, and protesters today are demanding he suspend those deportations until a comprehensive immigration bill that honors family unity passes through Congress.

The protesters chanted "our families are under attack" and joined their arms together with piping that read "Not 1 More Deporation." Twelve people, including NPA members were arrested.

The story was picked up by major news outlets including: National People’s Action is fighting nationally for an immigration bill that puts family unity first, includes a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in America, and does not include corporate giveaways to groups like the private prison industry.