National press lights up after NPA members storm Capitol Hill

NPA members took Capitol Hill by storm during the National Leadership Conference that took place on Feb. 25th- 26th delivering a message to Congress that it's time to put people ahead of greedy corporations.  

We gathered in Washington with some of our affiliates including Our DC, Community Voices Heard, VOCAL-NY, IIRON Action, and Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition, and demanded that leaders create an economy that works for all of us.  We delivered postcards to House Speaker, John Boehner's, office and we participated in several power meetings with government officials.  

The action in Washington grabbed the attention of the national press as NPA and it's members made headlines on several different news outlets.

Check out some of the news articles below!

Forbes released this article while NPA members were on Capitol Hill 

reported on the action outside House Speaker, Boehner's, office

Praise 104.1 released an article highlighting the day of action in Washington

Faith In Action
 A youtube video with NPA members at House Speaker, Boehner's, office