Summer of the CEO week of action wins national press

What a week!

On Monday, August 19th, NPA Affiliates kicked off the CEO (Corporate Evil Outing) Summer with a week of action in cities around the U.S to protest corporate tax dodging.

From New York to Iowa, NPA affiliates called out corporations who arent paying their fair share in taxes and demandedCongress put a stop to corporate tax dodging this fall. Click here to find out more about inequities in the corporate and individual tax system through Americans for Tax Fairness, a coalition NPA co-chairs.

Members from VOCAL-NY, Grass Roots Organizing, Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, Good Old Lower East Side, IIRON, Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, Northside Power, ONE Northside, POWER – LA, Sunflower Community Action, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and Take Action Minnesota told corporate CEO's that the American people are ready to fight back against their tax dodging and were calling onCongress to stand with us!

Check out some of the press from the actions across the country!

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 Chicagoans 'Out' General Electric For Dodging Taxes, Demand Sen. Durbin Close Loopholes (VIDEO)

In New York City:

VOCAL-NY called Verizon out for advocating for tax cuts for big corporations and budget cuts for the rest of us, with a teach-in on the economy that projected our message on the side of the Verizon building. Members were arrested outside the headquarters for these acts of non-violent civil disobedience.

“Its time to shut down corporate tax subsidies, not Head Start programs, HIV/AIDS housing assistance and food pantries,” said Carl Stubbs, a VOCAL-NY leader from Queens who was among those arrested. “We need to send a message to elected officials that it’s time to stand with families instead of Wall Street and big corporations in the upcoming budget showdown.”

In Missouri: 

Families and children stood together to demonstrate how tax dodging is hurting Missouri’s children. Families in mid-Missouri lost over a hundred head start slots . Grassroots Organizing (GRO) and allies stood together to tell Congress to close corporate tax loopholes instead of cutting programs that provide essential programming for our kids.

In Minnesota: 

Community leaders have been active all week. On Tuesday afternoon nearly 300 union and community leaders pointed the finger at Verizon, calling out their efforts to use Congress for their own ends and win: lower corporate taxes, bad trade deals, and budget cuts for everyone else.  

On Wednesday, the Fix the Debt campaign rounded up retired Members of Congress and local business leaders at the central library in downtown Minneapolis. TakeAction welcomed them with a banner drop. Thbanner hung in the library's atrium across from Fix the Debt's meeting room.

On Thursday, TakeAction went to the opening day of the Minnesota State Fair with a message: “Don't let CEO’s stick it to US” and handed out over 400 leaflets telling Minnesotans to call Senators to stop corporate tax dodging. We got many honks and thumbs up from passers by.

In Detroit: 


Members of IIRON delivered NPA's who pays petition to Verizon offices calling for Fix the Debt corporations to out themselves, stop tax dodging and stop lobbying in DC to get out of paying their fair share.

In Los Angeles:

On Wednesday members of POWER LA outed Verizon for corporate tax dodging and tried to deliver a petition from our online members, but the corporation wouldn't accept it! Read more about how the corporationg refused to face us ing the news clips below!

In Chicago:

On Thursday in clergy led nearly 200 Chicagoans from more than a dozen churches and community groups in a protest to “out” corporate tax dodger General Electric and call on Senator Dick Durbin to end corporate tax dodging and end cuts to programs for low-income and middle class Americans.

The group unfurled a giant parachute outside Sen. Durbin’s office asking if he would stand with the American people or with greedy corporations.

“Sequestration cuts and blanket cuts to the social safety net are hurting our community, and we need Sen. Durbin to help,” said Kristina Tendilla, of Benton House and a leader in SOUL (Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation).

“These cuts prey on people like Alice, a grandmother, who lost her daughter 2 years ago and now is the sole provider for her grandchildren. She told me she often skips meals so they will have more to eat. We need grandmothers like Alice to have food on their table, and Sen. Durbin can help.”

There are more actions Friday, Saturday and next week. We’ll keep the reports coming as we ramp up for the fiscal showdown this fall!

In Wichita:
Wichita Kansas:  Friday at Noon Sunflower Community Action members handed out flyers exposing Verizon's tax dodging and marched outside the Verizon Wireless store in Wichita.  They attempted to deliver our petition. 


In Des Moines:

Over 2 dozen folks from CCI and allies joined to demonstrate against BoA and their corporate tax dodging.  They were on a very busy street in Des Moines during rush hour and received numerous supportive honks, thumbs up and words of encouragement.  
During the action - even the bank tellers were with us!  They connfirmed they did not have as nice a retirement package as Brian Moynihan nor were they able to enjoy a 70% raise like he did.