"They can't balance the budget on our backs" -- Fix the Debt Cocktail Party gets National Media Notice

Last Wednesday Our DC; Center for Media and Democracy; Health Care for America Now; Center for Community Change; AFL-CIOVOCAL New York and National People's Action took the Fix the Debt Common Ground meeting by storm to demand that corporations stop lobbying to balance the federal budget on our backs; pay their fair share and bring our money back from their off-shore tax havens.  

The protest was organized by Our DC.  

You can check out a round-up press coverage from the action here: 

Politico Influence reported: 

“GROUPS PROTEST FIX THE DEBT MEETING: Members of Center for Media and Democracy, Our DC, Health Care for America Now, Center for Community Change, AFL-CIO and National People's Action protested Wednesday morning outside the Hyatt Regency Washington, where Fix the Debt was holding a meeting.

Liz Ryan Murray, policy director for National People’s Action, told PI that CEOs in the group are trying to protect corporate tax loopholes while slashing entitlements. “They can’t balance the budget on our backs,” she said.”  You can read the story here.  

And Huffington Post Politics reported:

That 100's of "Protesters marched through the streets near the Hyatt Regency Washington chanting, "Fix the greed! Don't fix the debt!" Under the hotel's portico, a series of speakers testified to the importance of social safety net programs."  You can read the whole story here.  

Healthcare for America Now posted a great round up of the event quoting executive director Ethan Rome: “They’re trying to cut Medicare, cut Medicaid, cut Social Security,” Rome said. “Why? So they can get more tax cuts for the rich, corporate tax cuts. Are we okay with that?” Read the full round-up of the day here.   

Check out pictures from the event on Healthcare for America Now's Flickr here.   

And watch videos of the event from Our DC here: