NPA Weeklong Leadership Training Program

NPA Weeklong Leadership Training Program

Whether you are relatively new to organizing or have been a professional community organizer for years . . . take your organizing to the next level at NPA’s National Weeklong Leadership Training.

At Weeklong Training, you will have the opportunity to explore:

  • Do I want (more) power?   
  • What changes do I need to make for that to happen?
  • What do I care most about impacting in the next year?   The next 5 years?  In my lifetime?
  • How can more effectively organize the people and the resources I need to succeed?    

The Weeklong Training curriculum starts with an internal reflection on power and self interest, then moves to political analysis, creating  team, organizing a campaign, and ends with more reflection on your “path to power”.

The Weeklong Leadership Training uses training methods that are agitational and experiential.  The week is constructed with the intention of compelling you to confront the script you’ve been conditioned to follow -- a script that has the express purpose of preventing you from confronting the power structures of oppression.  The entire arc of training, in terms of both content and approach, is about participants confronting their own oppression and the consequences for not taking action to address the root causes of the problems in our communities.    It’s about learning at a gut level to take full responsibility for change.


In 2015, Weeklong Leadership Training is scheduled for:

Sunday, February 15th 7:00 pm - Saturday, February 21st 12:00 pm

Columbiere Center

9075 Big Lake Road 

Clarkston, Michigan

Register for Weeklong Training here

Things to Know:

  • Registration is limited.   
  • Register early to secure your spot.
  • You must have a sponsor!  

It is essential that every participant have someone to talk with before the training to help you get focused on what you want to work on, and meet with you after the training to unpack your plans and goals and debrief what you learned about yourself at the training.

  • Enter a usable e-mail address when you register and read what we send you!    You will save yourself heartache in getting to the training site and preparing for the training if you give us an e-mail address that you actually use and review the information we send to you.  
  • Your training needs to be paid in full by paying with a credit card when you register, or bringing a check for the full amount to the training.

Contact Pamela Twiss at or 612-201-2850.