Our Campaigns

Banking | ShowdownInAmerica.org

For nearly 40 years, fair lending has been central to NPA’s work to strengthen neighborhoods and communities. NPA led the fight for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and the Community Reinvestment Act in the 1970s when banks literally drew red lines around communities of color and took their deposits without lending the people money back for homes and small businesses. NPA combines organizing, research, communications, and policy work to hold banks accountable for equitable and affordable lending. Right now that means stopping foreclosures and keeping families in their homes as well as halting predatory lending, and getting banks back to lending to working and middle class families to preserve their homes and create jobs. NPA co-founded the New Bottom Line to bring together community, labor and other allies to hold Wall Street and the Big Banks accountable for fixing the mess they’ve made of the housing market and economy.

Wall Street | MakeWallStreetPay.com

Operates in the critical nexus where our country’s revenue crisis meets Wall Street Accountability. The Make Wall Street campaign seeks to shift the debate: from balancing the budget on the backs of everyday people to those most liable to pay. We’re in dire need of revenue to create jobs and rebuild America and it can’t be found in Grandma’s health care, or in teachers’ pensions. Corporations and investors in addition to making record profits are sitting on enormous cash reserves of approximately two trillion. We found the money. The financial firms that crashed the economy and the wealthiest among us who profited must pay their fair share.

It's time to bill the banks! MakeWallStreetPay.ORG >>

By returning accountability to Wall Street, corporations, and the people who run them, we take communities from a defensive position on budget cuts to an offensive position that focuses on the ways Wall Street crashed the economy, passed costs on to us, and failed to pay their fair share of taxes.
We are being told that our federal government, our cities and states are in the middle of a budget crisis, but we know that's not true. The fact is we have a revenue crisis. The money is there to pay for infrastructure, teachers, housing, cops, health care and services for our most vulnerable neighbors and we know where the money is. The goals of the Make Wall Street Pay campaign can be found on MakeWallStreetPay.com.

The Housing Justice Movement

Housing is a human right and a human necessity. Acting from this core belief, the Housing Justice Movement Campaign brings together the residents of public, subsidized and affordable housing with allies across the country to fight to preserve and expand affordable housing. The Housing Justice Movement works to strengthen public support for social housing; organizes to ensure that residents in public and subsidized housing get jobs that are created with public dollars; educates policy makers on the need to support and expand social housing; expand local and community control of social housing; enhance protections for Section 8 tenants; and increase opportunities for tenants to purchase their buildings and guarantee Right of Return for residents whose units have been demolished or disposed.

Immigrant and Worker Rights

We will never get an economy that works for everyone unless we bring immigrant families fully into our democracy and economy. Until then, employers will use their immigration status to steal their wages, misclassify their jobs, and lower the floor for worker rights in America. The Immigrant Rights and Worker Justice Campaign works for comprehensive immigration reform and an end to the criminalization and deportation of immigrants. NPA works with the U.S. Department of Labor to increase justice in the workplace for immigrants and citizens. Specifically, the campaign is working to educate legislators on the need for comprehensive immigration reform and other national policies that will protect immigrants, citizens and guest workers from exploitation; stopping wage theft through state, local and national policy advocacy; reducing misclassification of workers; and increasing employer responsibility for workplace injury.