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Consumer group targets payday lenders with Capitol Hill push

By Tim Devaney
In the Hill

“The payday lending industry is the worst of the worst — using predatory practices to take advantage of their customers,” said Liz Ryan Murray, who is leading the campaign.

“Creditors should help build wealth for working families, but payday lenders get rich by profiting off the most vulnerable," Murray added. "Our campaign will expose the ruthless greed and predatory nature of this industry.”


Nonprofit group targeting payday lenders

By Ellis Smith
In Times Free Press

The $10 billion payday lending industry is under attack by a grass roots nonprofit group that seeks to counteract lenders' strong lobbying efforts as federal regulators consider new rules to rein in what some see as abuses among short-term lenders.

National People's Action, a network of 30 organizations in 17 states with 85,000 members, unveiled a multimedia campaign on Wednesday that will paint payday lenders as destructive and underhanded, trapping borrowers in a cycle of debt while making multimillionaires out of lending executives.

Immigrants Are Going to Have to Keep Waiting for Change

By Charles Davis
In Vice

Jacob Swenson of National People's Action, a grassroots network of social justice organizations that has lobbied for immigration reform, told me he’s “disappointed that President Obama continues to stall, rather than take immediate action to protect families.” Since his group rallied outside the White House back in April, “over 135,000 people have been separated from their families as a result of deportations that the president could have prevented.”


'Shark Week' protest to rally against fishy lenders

By Megan Crepeau
In the Red Eye

Alleged loan sharks are the target of the planned protest, one of several so-called "Shark Week" rallies across the country that activist group National People's Action has organized. National People's Action considers payday loans a form of predatory lending and hopes the protests will pressure the government to tighten regulation on the industry.

It's 'Shark Week' but payday loan sharks are the real predators

By Shay Farley

This week the Discovery Channel will be hosting its 27th annual Shark Week, which offers coverage of "all things shark-related." While viewers may learn that there were a total of 53 shark attacks last year in US waters, they won't hear a word about the most dangerous and destructive species of shark in America today: payday loan sharks.