NPA in the News

Walgreens: The tax-dodger on the corner

BY Eugene Lim 
In the Chicago Sun Times

Since learning that Walgreens may move its headquarters overseas, we’ve heard most from its shareholders, its executives, and politicians in Illinois and Washington. We haven’t heard much from the general public, much of which is still struggleing economically in the wake of the recession and all of which stands to lose out when US corporations dodge taxes.

Organizing Where We Have the Most Leverage: in the Cities

By George Goehl
In the Nation

We can do it by calling for reforms that shift control of the economy away from corporate giants.

Congressional gridlock and austerity have not just expanded inequality in our nation; they have constrained people’s sense of possibility, undermining faith in politics as a means for creating change and in the idea of government as an equalizer in our society.

Time for Bad Businesses to Pony Up: Cheat Your Workers and Our Communities? Pay a Fee.

By George Goehl & Sarita Gupta
In the Hufinton Post

Over half of the Fortune 500 companies in this country made a profit every year between 2008 and 2012. Yet together, those companies dodged a combined $73.1 billion in state income taxes. Twenty-six paid absolutely zero federal taxes during the same period....By dodging taxes and stiffing workers, these companies force the public to effectively subsidize their profits. This scheme has been going on far too long and it's high time for big businesses to pay America back.

How the Erosion of the Corporate Tax Base Hurts Average Joes

By Laura Kissel
In Main Street

Last week, a new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that two-thirds of states now provide less educational funding per student than before the onset of the recession six years ago. Meanwhile, the Council on Foreign Relations recently reported that even though public infrastructure in the United States is in dire need of upgrade, the federal investment in infrastructure is now half of what it was 50 years ago.

Beyond Collaboration: Bringing Strategic Thinking to Long-Term Alliance Building

By George Goehl

For more than 40 years, National People’s Action has been rallying everyday people in cities, towns and rural communities to participate in civic life through community organizing, campaigns and direct action to advance economic and racial justice. But, until six years ago, NPA did not have deep relationships with other community or worker organizing networks.

Immigration Activists Turn the Tables on Obama

By Dana Milbank
The Washington Post

It’s a shame President Obama was in the Philippines on Monday, because the former Chicago community organizer missed the chance to see his White House being picketed — by a Chicago-based group of community organizers.

Obama met with immigration activists last month, urging them not to protest his record level of deportations but to focus instead on House Republicans, who are blocking immigration reform.

On Monday, activists let him know what they thought of that advice.

Protesters Back Obama on Wage Hike, Oppose Him on Deportations

By Suzanne Gamboa
NBC News

Maria Lara joined other domestic workers, some not legally in the country, to protest President’s Barack Obama’s deportation policy Monday, before heading to the Capitol to support the president's call for a minimum wage increase.

The issues of immigration reform and a minimum wage increase came together Monday in back-to-back rallies by domestic workers who were both in agreement and at odds with the president's domestic agenda.