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Demanding 'Just and Sustainable' Economy For all, Thousands March on Congress

By Lauren McCauley
Common Dreams

In an expression of a "new populist" energy, thousands of demonstrators shut down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC on Monday as they demanded a livable wage and an end to the corporate domination of the national economy and politics.

"We are here to fight for a new economy that is just and sustainable, that serves all of us—not just a few."

Workers Demand To Be Heard Before Senate Minimum Wage Vote

Campaign for America's Future

As the National Restaurant Association prepared for its annual lobbying days inside the Capitol this week, more than a thousand grassroots activists went to the Capitol on Monday to demand that the voice of workers and their demand for a fairer economy that works for everyone also be heard.

The march to the Capitol was organized by National People’s Action, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Progressive Caucus co-chair Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., addressed the marchers.

Obama on Track to Deport More Immigrants than Previous Presidents

By Christin Roby
Medill News Service

The National People's Action group, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance organized a rally Monday at the White House to demand President Obama immediately halt deportations and prioritize family unity.

Since President Obama has been in office, more than two million foreign nationals have been deported, putting him on track to deport more immigrants than any other president. Activists are calling for Congress to change immigration laws. However, House Republicans stalled last year's Senate immigration bill.

How “Inner City” Men Will Pay for the Ryan Budget

by Bree Carlson
in Common Dreams

Last year, Paula Dean admitted to using the word “nigger” and became the focus of intense public outrage. Companies broke ties with Dean and the Food Network decided not to renew her contract. Rep. Paul Ryan, in contrast, asserted last month that “in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working” that is contributing to poverty in America. While Paula Dean was the center of media and public attention for months, losing dozens of contracts and her job with the food network, Rep. Ryan has only to claim that his intent was not to be racist. He didn’t mean it, so it doesn’t count.

Would Saul Alinsky break his own rules?

By Mark Engler and Paul Engler
in Waging Non Violence

Although Saul Alinsky, the founding father of modern community organizing in the United States, passed away in 1972, he is still invoked by the right as a dangerous harbinger of looming insurrection. And although his landmark book, Rules for Radicals, is now nearly 45 years old, the principles that emerged from Alinsky’s work have influenced every generation of community organizers that has come since.

Veteran labor writer David Moberg recently offered this list when reflecting on the work of National People’s Action, or NPA, one of today’s leading coalitions of community-based groups. Given that NPA’s dynamic executive director, George Goehl, was trained by Shel Trapp — a prominent Alinsky disciple — it is no surprise that traditional community organizing principles are still reflected in the bottom-up, door-to-door methodologies of NPA affiliates in 14 states.

NPA in Common Dreams: Corporate Tax Cuts: Profiteers Thrive As Local Budgets Dive

By Sarah Lazare
Common Dreams

Years after the "Great Recession" hit, 10 million people in the U.S are out of work, inequality is stuck at high levels, and vital public services are being cut nation-wide. Yet, according to a new study, corporations are making a killing during these hard times — enjoying climbing profits yet lower corporate taxes.

Time for a Populist Revival!

This old American democratic tradition already has deep support at the grassroots.

by Jim Hightower
The Nation

"One group that is connecting and has experience in forging and developing effective populist coalitions is National People’s Action. Led by George Goehl, this excellent organization has some of its organizers here today. Maybe the Congressional Progressive Caucus could explore teaming up with NPA, drawing in others and finding ways to be of tangible assistance to those folks in the fracking fields, while also adding to the populist movement’s base."

ONE TIME BIG MONEY DID NOT WIN Fix the Debt "racket" fading out

By Sarah Anderson
Sky Valley Chronicle

Fix the Debt once boasted a budget of $40 million. Today, it’s shedding staff and going into hibernation, having failed to win any of their top priorities. ...National People’s Action, the Center for Community Change, and Social Security Works...took the battle against austerity to the streets and into the district offices of congressional representatives. The Center for Media and Democracy and other savvy bloggers blasted the phony deficit crisis in social media.