NPA in the News

Challenging Democrats from the Left

By Amy J Dean
Al Jazeera America

Progressive grass-roots tactics can go a long way in the primaries

Traditional community organizing groups, using the model pioneered by left-wing grass-roots activism guru Saul Alinsky, made avoidance of electoral politics a point of pride and opted to push for policy changes and community improvements from the outside. National People’s Action (NPA) has long followed this model, engaging in direct action campaigns around issues such as financial reform and housing rights.

We took on a Wall Street Front Group...and we WON!

Together we took on Fix the Debt and we won.

Since December, reports have been trickling in that Fix the Debt – Pete Peterson’s Wall Street-backed group – is scaling down and shedding staff after failing to achieve their toxic goals.[1]

Last week, news broke that the group’s fake millennial outreach wing, “The Can Kicks Back” may run out of money and kick the bucket by April.[2]

Federal Budget Woes and Lessons from the States

From The Hill 

Suddenly, every politician seems to agree that inequality, or, the need for greater opportunity, is a problem in America. The president made this the centerpiece of his State of the Union speech, and then followed up with a mini-tour to promote his "opportunity agenda." Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) now speaks of making "equality of opportunity" a priority.

National People's Action—The Long View for Lasting Change

By Alyssa Figueroa

Q&A: The director of NPA describes their long-term plan to create a new economy and reclaim our democracy.

What would it take to have an economy that really works for people, and not just corporations? For starters, it takes understanding how the conservative movement strategically built the economy we have, which serves the 1 percent.

Morrissey Makes Case for Payday Lending Reform

By Christinia Crippes
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Waterloo City Council member Pat Morrissey is fighting against payday lending on multiple fronts...He has offered city ordinance options at the local level. met with Democratic lawmakers at the state level, and last week, he took the cause to Washington, D.C.

He said the Iowa organization has been working on the issue at the state level since about 2009. The D.C. trip was a part of the group’s ties to the National People’s Action organization.

Regions bank to end ‘deposit advance’ loans

By Danielle Douglas
Washington Post

On Wednesday, Regions said it will stop offering its Ready Advance product to new customers on Jan. 22 and phase out the line of credit by the end of the year. Existing customers with active lines of credit will be able to access future advances until the Birmingham, Ala.-based bank completes a transition plan.

“We applaud Regions for making this move. We need banks to help families build wealth, not strip it away,” said George Goehl, executive director of National People’s Action, a group that last year petitioned Regions to stop offering its deposit advance loans.

An Economy That Benefits Ordinary People? What We Learned From the 1%

By George Goehl, Bree Carlson
Yes Magazine

When thinking 40 years into the future, people step out of the current political situation, and our sense of what's possible becomes much more expansive. We are not only able to think bigger—we crave it.

National People’s Action members recognize that to reverse the economic and political conditions that are crushing American families, we need a long-term strategy. We believe that if we let the challenging circumstances of now lower our expectations of what’s possible, we’ve already lost. Instead, we have decided to completely reimagine what is possible.

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2013

By John Nicols
The Nation

We celebrate these heroes both for their accomplishments of the past year and their determination to do even more in 2014.

MOST VALUABLE PROGRAM: NPA’s Long-Term Agenda to the New Economy

It’s easy for activists to be so focused on day-to-day struggles against abuses of power that they never get around to saying what they are for. But National People’s Action, the network of grassroots organizations involved in direct-action challenges to economic and racial injustice, took the time in 2013 to consult economic fairness, civil rights and immigrant rights campaigners and develop a plan to “reimagine what’s possible.”

Fed should get behind tough approach to payday lenders

By George Goehl
The Hill

Sales receipts for Black Friday dropped this year for the first time since 2009 and holiday hiring numbers are expected to be disappointing as well.  A major reason for the still-stalled seasonal economy is the lack of consumer spending, including persistent unemployment but also a lack of access to consumer credit.  Thankfully, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently made major improvements to consumer lending — improvements that the Federal Reserve should also endorse.