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OP-ED: Why do two-thirds of corporations fail to pay state taxes?

The Chicago Sun-Times published an agressive op-ed by Executive Director David Hatch, IIRON President Rev. Marilyn Pagan-Banks, and small business owner David Borris calling for action from Speaker Mike Madigan. In just 24 hours, the op-ed was shared on Facebook more than 100 times!  Our message is resonanting.

Summer of the CEO week of action wins national press

On Monday, August 19th, NPA Affiliates kicked off the CEO (Corporate Evil Outing) Summer with a week of action in cities around the U.S to protest corporate tax dodging.

From New York to Iowa, NPA affiliates called out corporations who arent paying their fair share in taxes and demandedCongress put a stop to corporate tax dodging this fall. Click here to find out more about inequities in the corporate and individual tax system through Americans for Tax Fairness, a coalition NPA co-chairs.

Members from VOCAL-NY, Grass Roots Organizing, Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, Good Old Lower East Side, IIRON, Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, Northside Power, ONE Northside, POWER – LA, Sunflower Community Action, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and Take Action Minnesota told corporate CEO's that the American people are ready to fight back against their tax dodging and were calling onCongress to stand with us!

NPA's Executive Director George Goehl in the Huffington Post: Guns, Hate and Redemption

This weekend members of Sunflower Community Action held a peaceful rally outside of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's home. Kansas families came together there to draw attention to the need for common sense immigration reform. Kobach's response was to remind the public of his right to bear arms. A threat that is way outside the mainstream and is reminiscent of another Kansas official who famously advocated shooting immigrants from helicopters.

Take action to stop the hate here.

"They can't balance the budget on our backs" -- Fix the Debt Cocktail Party gets National Media Notice

Last Wednesday Our DC; Center for Media and Democracy; Health Care for America Now; Center for Community Change; AFL-CIOVOCAL New York and National People's Action took the Fix the Debt Common Ground meeting by storm to demand that corporations stop lobbying to balance the federal budget on our backs; pay thei

George Goehl in the Huffington Post: President Obama's Unfinished Business on Housing

During his inauguration speech, President Obama gave an inspiring speech about his vision for a country that works together for the betterment of all. From climate change to human rights, President Obama sketched out a progressive agenda, but he neglected a crucially important element: finally ending the foreclosure crisis which continues to uproot families and blight communities.

National People's Action's George Goehl Profiled in The Nation Magazine


George Goehl and the Fight Against Corporate Power

  By Sasha Abramsky in The Nation

When he starts talking about corporate power,
 Goehl can get mad as hell. . . . .  He’s not merely angry, though.  Goehl continually urges transformative change even when there’s no easy way to finance or staff the campaigns.

Read the whole article here.  

Durbin is Wrong about Taxing the Rich -- Chicago Sun Times

National People's Action member Jacob A. Swenson's Letter to the Editor was published in the Chicago Sun Times on December 3rd. 

As Jacob explains in his letter, Corporate profits hit a record high last week. Our country doesn’t have a money problem; we have a distribution problem. It is entirely possible to generate $4-$5 trillion in revenue over 10 years without cutting benefits from the social safety net