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Statement of George Goehl, Executive Director, of National People's Action, on the Senate Immigration Bill/ Declaración de George Goehl, Director Ejecutivo de Acción Nacional del Pueblo (NPA) sobre la propuesta de ley de Inmigración

"While we support the need to move forward on immigration reform, we believe this compromised bill goes too far to appease extremists and enrich corporations by including excessive border enforcement. Our country deserves an immigration system that puts people and families first, before corporate greed. The path to citizenship in this bill is long and onerous and the boarder security measures are a giant give away to private contractors. 

We now move on to the House, and will push for a final bill that prioritizes a broad path to citizenship for all 11 million, protects the rights of all workers (both native and immigrant), keeps corporate interests out and keeps our families together."

Sunflower Community Action: Sec Kris Kobach is Engaging in Racial Fear Mongering

Secretary Kobach has descended into racial fear mongering this week to promote his extreme views that only serve to divide us. The sight of 300 people of color, mostly families, praying and singing in front of his home to keep families together has led him to issue wild threats about shooting members of our group and ugly language, casting even small children remembering a lost parent as part of an ‘angry mob.’”

We are human beings and concerned Kansans who know that Sec. Kobach is far out of the main stream on his violent policies and threats against Kansas residents in response to peaceful protest.

PRESS RELEASE: BREAKING: 12 Chicagoans Shut Down Michigan Ave. in Downtown Chicago: Call on President Obama to Suspend Deportations Immediately

Chicago, IL— On the morning of the President’s return home, 12 Chicagoans have chained themselves together using PVC pipe this morning in downtown Chicago, at 700 Michigan Ave, and are calling on the soon to arrive President to suspend all deportations immediately. The group, all undocumented immigrants or members of social and racial justice group National People’s Action, has chained themselves in a circle surrounding a massive banner that reads “400,000, Not1More Deportation.

#Not1More has become a rallying cry for family unity advocates upset by the Presidents record breaking use of forced deportations. They are outside the Chicago Hilton, the hotel where the President is slated to speak this evening for a fundraiser.

While Washington Fails To Act, States Lead The Way With Progressive Budget Solutions, Including Increasing Revenue

For Immediate Release: Monday, May 20, 2013
Contact: Molly Haigh (907) 750-1999,

Minnesota Passes Progressive Budget That Adds Revenue, Avoid Devastating Cuts And Advance Vital Policies; Illinois And Maine Are Close Behind 

Today, the state of Minnesota has enacted a highly progressive budget, long