Robin Hood Rides Again!

Just three days after Representative Keith Ellison introduced the “Inclusive Prosperity Act” that would create a small tax on big Wall Street transactions, we took to the streets to tell Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the White House that it’s time to support a Robin Hood Tax.  

This is a tax of ½ of a percent or less on big Wall Street transactions, and would not affect the retirement accounts for middle class and working families.  The Robin Hood Tax could generate up to $350 billion each year for investments in America -- health care, fighting HIV/AIDS, jobs, safety net, fighting climate change, and affordable housing. 

Right now, eleven countries in Europe, like Germany and France are working to adopt a similar tax. This Eurpoean Robin Hood Tax tax would even apply to U.S. traders – but the money will go to Europe. 

But right now, President Obama and his voice on these issues – new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew – are not supporting the Robin Hood Tax.  

We’re keeping the pressure on Secretary Lew, the White House and our elected officials to support the bill in the coming months. It’s a small change for the banks, big change for us.

Check out the Storify from the event here

Robin Hood showed up at Jack Lew's Senate Confirmation Hearing on Wednesday February 13th, and set the Washington DC press on fire!  

The Washington Examiner,  Atlantic, the eWallStreeter, The Inquisitr, New York Magazine, Yahoo News and The National Journal ran stories about the two Robin Hoods sitting right behind Mr. Lew during the hearing.

Without saying a word, our Robin Hoods sent Washington and Mr. Lew a clear message that it's time for a financial transaction tax.  It's time for Wall Street to pay its fair share.  

If he's confirmed as Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew will have a responsiblity to the American people to hold Wall Street accountable, kick-start our economy, provide funding for new jobs and save our social safety net -- the best way to do that?  The Robin Hood tax.  

Mr. Lew should probably get used to seeing Robin Hood around if he's confirmed.

Find out about the Robin Hood Tax and how you can be part of the Robin Hood movement to hold Wall Street accountable and rebuild our economy here.