The Robin Hood Tax

Wall Street profits are at an all-time high, yet greedy CEOs are lobbying Congress for even bigger tax breaks at our expense.

At the same time, the services that people like us count on — housing, healthcare, and education -- are being slashed. Our families and communities can’t afford any more cuts.

This runaway corporate greed has got to stop. We need a Robin Hood Tax!

A Robin Hood Tax - a tiny tax on Wall Street Transactions — would mean more money for housing, schools, meals for hungry kids, and crucial services for seniors.

This is a tax of ½ of a percent or less on big Wall Street transactions, and would not affect the retirement accounts for middle class and working families. The Robin Hood Tax could generate up to $350 billion each year for investments in America -- health care, fighting HIV/AIDS, jobs, safety net, fighting climate change, and affordable housing.

Right now, eleven countries in Europe, like Germany and France are working to adopt a similar tax. This Eurpoean Robin Hood Tax tax would even apply to U.S. traders – but the money will go to Europe.

But right now, President Obama and his voice on these issues – new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew – are not supporting the Robin Hood Tax.

We’re keeping the pressure on Secretary Lew, the White House and our elected officials to support the bill in the coming months. It’s a small change for the banks, big change for us.