Tell Congress: Support H.R. 1579

H.R. 1579 is a small sales tax on Wall Street transactions that could raise hundreds of billions of dollars annually from the banks and investment firms that recovered thanks to our tax dollars.

The revenue raised would create jobs and strengthen public services, support quality health care and education, ensure safe and affordable housing and rebuild infrastructure, help end HIV/AIDS globally, improve global health, reduce poverty, and address climate change around the world.

Click on an image below to send a postcard urging Congress to support H.R. 1579:

  • Congress: Support H.R. 1579! Heal America, Tax Wall Street!
  • Congress: Support H.R. 1579! We're tired of picking up Wall Street's tab!
  • Congress: Support H.R. 1579! Tax Wall Street to end AIDS!

Send a postcard urging Congress to support H.R. 1579!