Summer 2013 is the “Summer of the CEO” aka Corporate Evil Outing

Summer of the C.E.O! Summer of the CEO


Join us in "outing" corporate evil this crucial August recess.  Demand Congress put a stop to corporate tax dodging and invest in us.


Corporations and their front groups like Fix the Debt must be prevented from winning more tax breaks in trade for cuts programs that matter to us in the looming fiscal showdowns. This is a crucial moment for us to change the story and slow the roll of more corporate tax breaks and more cuts to vital services and programs in our communities!

We should be talking about shutting down corporate tax dodging not shutting down the government.

Information on upcoming action:

Media contact Molly Haigh, 907-750-1999

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August 19 – 29th 
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The end of the fiscal year is September 30th; when elected officials get back from the August recess they will either have to pass a budget or a continuing resolution to keep the gov't running. Talk of government shut downs and Grand Bargains-- more cuts to both corporate taxes and vital government services are happening again in Washington.

We must call ask Congress in these upcoming showdowns: Are you with Wall St. corporations who want to move more profits and jobs offshore and pay for it with cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security? Or are you with our families -- that means stoping corporate tax dodging and investing in us.

Corporations and their front groups like Fix the Debt put forward a public face of bi-partisan concern and cooperation for the country and our budget crisis, but their real agenda - cut earned benefits and our human and physical infrastructure to pay for massive corporate tax breaks - is clear. They are swarming capital hill pushing their agenda, and some of our elected officials are picking it up.

"Fix the Debt" uses terms like "tax reform" and advocates for a territorial tax system, which would exempt every penny of offshore profits from US taxation – a $134 billion windfall annually. They say "entitlement reform" and mean cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They say "balance" and they mean lowering corporate tax rates.

Our economy continues to be sluggish, income inequality is rising and our communities are struggling. A decades-long campaign by corporate interests and the 1% has discredited government, starved revenues, and concentrate wealth and political power in the hands of the few. We’re facing high unemployment and stagnant wages, while corporations and the wealthy are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash and demanding our elected officials grant them more tax breaks paid for with cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and our human and physical infrastructure. Wall Street corporations who spend their money lobbying instead of paying their fair share can't be allowed to keep rigging out system according to their economic interest.

NPA and affiliates are organizing public action and outrage at corporate tax dodgers and fix the debt members, working to expand support in the House for the Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street speculation and calling Senators and Representatives to:
  1. Raise $1 trillion in new revenue from the wealthy and corporations over 10 years and use it to prevent any cuts to critical programs and services, like Social Security, Medicare and education.
  2. Make corporations pay their fair share of taxes. While corporate profits are at a 60-year high, the average corporate tax rate is just 12.6% - a third of their official tax rate.
  3. End tax breaks that encourage corporations to ship jobs and profits overseas.
  4. Eliminate loopholes that benefit primarily the wealthy.

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