Whose Side Are You On, Congress?

The House and Senate will be coming up with a federal budget before they leave for their holiday break on December 13th. Our representatives have to choose whose side they are on: they can stand with corporations or they can stand with our communities.

Tell Congress — it's time to stand with us!

NO MORE giant tax breaks for corporations and NO MORE cuts and shutdowns of the services that our communities rely on.

Click on an image below to send Congress a postcard:

  • Whose side are you on, Congress? GE off-shores millions of jobs. Laid-off workers are losing their unemployment checks.
  • Whose side are you on, Congress? JP Morgan Chase doesn't pay a penny in taxes. Moms have to pay sales tax every time they shop
  • Who side are you on, Congress? Verizon dodges billions in taxes. Workers must choose between food and rent

Dear Congress,

I demand that you put the interests of families and communities over those of corporations. It's time to invest in America.